ACAMP announces new support for companies having trouble accessing product development services overseas

Posted on February 13, 2020

Many companies are recently experiencing difficulty in producing advanced technology products in electronics, optics, sensors, embedded systems, machine learning and artificial intelligence. ACAMP is announcing new product development support for companies taking product from prototype to production

ACAMP is Canada’s largest independent advanced technology product development center with complete product to market services. The ACAMP team has developed a new support mechanism for companies having issues obtaining services overseas. This new service will enable companies to remain onshore for their product development needs.

“With recent issues in obtaining support overseas, ACAMP has developed a unique capability to support companies for their advanced technology development activities. Our team is ready and able to support product to market needs through our new services,” said Ken Brizel, CEO

With specialized equipment, tools and software, and trained team of experts ACAMP can take companies from prototype to production. We make it possible for companies to accelerate their growth with our unique combination of industry experience, multidisciplinary engineering expertise, and access to specialized equipment. Since 2008, ACAMP has helped over 450 companies commercialize their systems across multiple industry sectors including energy, health, intelligent transportation, and aerospace.

ACAMP services include Electronics packaging, assembly, design & testing, Simulation & modelling, Reliability testing, Analytical Lab, Characterization tools, Inspection & failure analysis, Optics & photonics, Low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) electronics packaging and Microfluidics.